How Saigon After Dark got started

Looking for a unique local experience that your friends probably haven’t had? So were we!

It all started in 2010 when two of our founders (Doug & Zoe) went on a 10 month holiday around South-East Asia. They visited Vietnam (with extensive time in Saigon), Cambodia, Laos, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand. Many of the traditional travel websites provided fun things to see and do in each city, but they found themselves wanting a local experience rather than typical tourist traps.

So they tried out some tours promising a ‘local experience’, but it was hit and miss. Often the tour was a front for making sales at local businesses aimed at tourists. Usually they stayed inside the main tourist areas, missing all the real action. They also started early in the morning – and who wants to wake up early on a holiday!


On a trip to South America, a friend in Chile provided them with some insights on discovering a local experience…

This included where and what the locals eat, and where they go after work or study. They wanted to bring this experience to all travelers seeking unique memories to take back home with them.

Jillian had run many businesses back in Australia, but loved travelling around Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with her elderly mother. They used the information Doug & Zoe shared from their experience, and had a wonderful 6 week holiday. They got to see things not covered by regular tours on offer, and their friends were jealous when hearing all their stories!

Being drawn to the excitement and variety found in Saigon, she just had to move here. Looking to use her extensive experience, she met with many local business owners to find out more. What she really wanted was to work on a business that helped visitors enjoy themselves as much as she had.


Saigon After Dark was started to help make our collective vision a reality

Partnering with our local experts, Saigon After Dark gives you a unique experience in Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City) where you get to experience the city with your local ‘friend’ from the back of their motorbike!

We seek out the best local experiences to share with you, which means you will:

  • See areas of the city often missed by other tours
  • Discover food that you might not have seen before
  • Gain insight into some of the local history and knowledge
  • Collect some great pictures to share on Facebook and Instagram
  • Make people jealous when you get back home and tell them all about it!

If you’re serious about wanting to see and experience the best of Saigon, we hope you’ll check out our tours. We’d be very happy to show you around, and make it a definite trip to remember.

Who knows – you might love local life so much that you decide to become one and move here – like Jillian!