Ho Chi Minh City Airport (SGN)-Grab (Asian Uber)

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In my previous post I did show you how to avoid scam and get from the Ho Chi Minh Airport to the city center using the shuttle bus. But what if this time you don’t feel like sharing your drive with others? What if this time you just want to go directly to your hotel/stay instead of stopping by terminals ? Well I got an answer just for you: Grab car – the Asian version of Uber. All you need is a mobile phone and a 4G sim card.

Grab - the Asian version of Uber
Grab – the Asian version of Uber

First, you need to purchase a 4G sim card of course. There are many telecommunication booths right at the arrival exit gate. The average price for tourism sim card are 100,000 VND – 200,0000 VND ($5 – $10). Don’t forget to ask them to show you how to activate the sim and don’t throw away the plastic card. The sim’s phone number is written on the card! Then, go on and download Grab from your Google Play or App Store (whichever, I don’t judge). This is really helpful because even if you don’t use it for booking Grap, you could still use it to call your hotel, taxis or sharing you fantastic trip to Saigon on social media…

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Second, skip all the ad, register and verify your phone number, then just hit the symbol Grab Car. Now it’s time to book your driver! On the pick up destination search for “Tan Son Nhat International Airport” and pick where you want to wait for your driver. At the International Terminal the options are: Departure, Pillar 10 – Arrival, Pillar 6 – Arrival. Domestic Terminal: Departure, Pillar 7- Arrival, Pillar 9 – Arrival, Pillar 11 – Arrival.

International Terminal Options
International Terminal Options
Domestic Terminal Options
Domestic Terminal Options

Now the hard parts have over, fill in your drop off destination and then you are done. Let’s reward yourself a cup of “ca phe sua da” – a signature drink of Saigon while you waiting for your driver, watching others hustling around for bus and taxis.

Other hints and tips:

  • Make sure you get in the right car, compare the car’s number plate with the one show on the app.
  • Take a picture of the car’s number plate before you get in. Then post or share with your friend in case you loose you phone, make sure your driver see you doing it.
  • Keep the app open or using Google map to know where you are going, also make sure your driver see you doing it.
  • Prepare just enough cash, or using credit card.
  • Tip your driver a little bit in advance and ask them to help with your luggage – that would make a good 1st impression and smooth your drive.
  • Don’t forget to tip your driver and said “Cam on” after the trip (depend on your experience of course).